Another Year in Primary Wood

The world of Primary Wood, just a few miles from Dover, is a place of magic and joy. All of the animals in the ‘Animal Protection Society ‘meet together, to try and create a world of peace. In the second book of the series Justin Beaver discovers the virtue of friendship at Burrow Field Park football ground. Will the game between Rabbits United and Squirrels FC give Mike Rabbit the team coach a result he wants? Monty Mole discovers the virtue of creativity when he meditates. Can all of the animals and insects build ‘The Majestic Theatre’ in time for the production of Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat and make Monty’s vision come true? When Cedric Rabbit learns about the virtue of courage, he is able to help others. Along with his friends Justin Beaver and Little Owl, they help the terrified Monica Mole learn how to swim.

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