Little Owls Journey of Virtues

Father Owl teaches his son Ollie how to become a wise owl. He reflects back in time to when he was ‘Little Owl’, going on his many adventures in Primary Wood.

In the first book of the series he meets Mrs Rabbit, who explains to him about the virtue of love. He helps Phineas the conducting frog, who teaches the virtue of confidence, to his little pupil Fredericka, with the help of Sidand Bert the boatmen beetles. He discovers the amazing Serena Squirrel who dreams of building a Tudor museum. She is not just a pretty face, as she shows Little Owl the virtue of determination. The story concludes with a rescue mission to Forest Park when Mrs Owl and her owlets become trapped in the snow. Will Orlando and his air core arrive in time to save the family? Father Owl will need to put the virtues of love, confidence and determinationto the test in order to save the day.

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