The Fall of Venice (Tales of Primary Wood)

In the third book of the series, you will meet all of your favourite characters and join in their many adventures in Primary Wood. When Vanessa Mousetti a fashion designer mouse goes to measure Phineas frog for his new suit, she tells him the story about her ancestors in Italy. Venice has become a dangerous place during the second world war of the humans.Will they escape the cheese eating Mousellini? Can they reach the port of Dunkirk before they are captured? Will they find a way to reach the safety of Primary Wood? When Phineas hears her sad tale, he decides to create a Mask Ball at theWildlife Pond. With the help of Bert and Sid, the boatmen beetles ,to build the Gondolas, they all have a magical evening. Serena Squirrel looks stunning in her Cinderella gown. Will she fall in love and find her Prince Charming? Join Little Owl and his friends on this exciting journey and discover the virtues that will one day make him a wise owl.

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