Lorraine’s Books

My books are about my experiences working within schools and community colleges, using different methods and tools to reduce stress. I have taught classes and workshops on mental health and wellbeing for over ten years and during this time, I began to realise that stress and anxiety was common amongst us all. It wasn’t just students who benefited from the exercises within my books, but also members of staff and individual adult learners who came to the community workshops. Everyone said that the exercises had made a significant difference in reducing their anxiety and stress levels on a daily basis. I am extremely proud to make my books widely available and I hope to assist many people in their struggles.

About Lorraine

Lorraine is a qualified lecturer and MBSR mindfulness coach. She has also trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and EMDR therapist. Having worked in community colleges for a number of years, she has delivered workshops on meditation, mindfulness, positive thinking, exam stress-busting, as well as other holistic therapies.​

Personally, Lorraine is a compassionate and thoughtful individual, who is keen to help people in their struggles with stress, anxiety, and other mental conditions. She has experience in many areas, and is currently working on pursuing her own career in writing.

​All of Lorraine’s books will be availabe through Amazon, and she is keen to gain an engaged audience. To show your support to Lorraine, her books, and the millions of people struggling with stress and anxiety, please consider buying the books via Amazon, and telling your friends and family about them.

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